Quex S biofeedback device

QUEX S: A new level of electrophysiological response measurement

The QUEX S non-invasive therapy device is a new level of electrophysiological response measurement. The principle of its operation is that the cells, tissues and organs of the body resonate at specific electromagnetic frequencies in a state of equilibrium, which are disturbed by stress. Stress can lead to a number of health problems, so it is important to have a therapeutic tool to help your body manage stress consciously. Let’s take a closer look at how QUEX S works!

New level of electrophysiological response measurement

The QUEX S stress management system works on the principle of biofeedback, measuring the body’s electrophysiological responses, providing feedback in multiple ways and supporting the body in regulating out-of-balance physiological responses.

Electrophysiology is defined as a physiological science that deals with the electrical processes of the living organism. An electrophysiological therapy device such as the QUEX S can detect and reduce stress, building on the foundations of quantum physics to improve its effectiveness.

By measuring the electrophysiological responses, we can get an accurate picture of how the body is working and it becomes clear where there is a problem and what needs to be treated. Just think about when you feel nervous, your heart rate changes or your breathing speeds up. QUEX S, at the very first, physiological level, supports our body’s conscious and productive stress management.

What is QUEX S

The QUEX S biofeedback device has been called the stress management system of the future, but its success lies not only in its ability to harness biofeedback, but also in its ability to engage the individual at all levels in their own self-healing, stress management therapy. It does this by using powerful audio-video materials, auditory, vibration and visual stimuli.

For those who are afraid of doctors, tests, painful treatments, or who are reluctant to take medication, QUEX S offers a comfortable, drug-free and non-interventional way to treat the patient.

Body-mounted sensors, a computer system and state-of-the-art software combine to provide information about the body’s current state, analyse and visualise it, and then help correct the manifestation of stress at the physiological level through targeted stimulation.

How does QUEX S work

The QUEX S works by measuring the electrophysiological responses of the individual through the use of straps attached to the ankle, wrist or forehead. The system includes hardware, a special and revolutionary software that analyses and displays information about the body’s functioning in several aspects. The sensory straps allow for controlled stimulation to make the therapy more effective.

Healing, also known as quantum healing, based on the principles of quantum physics, suggests that our minds may be able to correct faults in the body.

The body emits invisible vibrations that change in response to stress. By using the science of electrophysiology to measure and analyse these, it is possible to correct them. The QUEX S electrophysiology tool is designed to do just that.

Advantages of the QUEX S

The QUEX S biofeedback device visualises where and what needs to be improved in the body’s functioning, in stress management, with the aim of restoring balance. Based on an innovative development, the device also supports the patient in the recovery process with audio-video material.

The advantages of the QUEX S include the use of a therapeutic device:

  • supports the body in effective physiological regulation
  • restores sleep quality
  • improve general well-being and quality of life
  • relieves stress, depression, anxiety
  • aids relaxation
  • no painful tests, treatments or prescription drugs

Revolution in the measurement of electrophysiological responses

The QUEX S biofeedback device measures, analyses and corrects the electrical processes of the living body based on electrophysiology. The measurement of electrophysiological reactions has been used in conventional medicine for decades, just think of EEG, ECG or EMG devices, which measure the electrical signals of the brain, muscles and heart. They provide the doctor with useful information about the function and condition of the area under examination.

According to electrophysiology, all our cells, tissues and organs emit vibrations that change when there is a health problem or stress situation.

Therapeutic devices based on the science of electrophysiology are not only the technology of the future, but also a revolution in the measurement of electrophysiological responses, with highly sensitive sensors, improved hardware and cutting-edge software providing increasingly accurate detection.

And if detection and analysis are accurate, the success of therapy can be extraordinary.